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    Diploma in International Montessori Education

    Montessori is a revolutionary method of observing and supporting the natural development of children. Montessori educational practice helps children develop creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and time-management skills, care of the environment and each other, and prepares them to contribute to society and to become fulfilled persons. The basis of Montessori practice in the classroom is mixed age group (3 - 6 ages in one class), individual choice of research and work, and uninterrupted concentration. Group lessons are seldom found in a Montessori classroom, but learning abounds, and because it is enjoyed, children remember what they learn. As you read through these pages you will discover the unique practices that make Montessori the fastest growing and most successful method of education today.

    Diploma in X-ray Technicians

    X-ray technicians, also known as radiologic technicians, produce x-ray images of different parts of the body. They introduce non-radioactive substances into the bloodstream of patients to aid in the diagnosis of specific conditions. Radiologic technology degree programs are designed to prepare students to work as x-ray technicians. They could learn how to develop radiographic films and to position patients for x-rays. Associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs are available in this field. Graduates may consider pursuing voluntary certification.

    Entry-level diploma programs that include coursework in x-ray are also available. These programs are often combined with a medial assisting curriculum and prepare students for x-ray machine operator positions.

    X-Ray Technician Diploma

    Diploma programs in x-ray technology are often combined with medical assisting programs. Students take courses that cover x-ray procedures, clerical tasks and basic lab work. The program can be completed in 1-2 years, depending on the school, and include a combination of classroom lectures, labs and clinical experiences. Some schools offer a portion of the coursework online. Applicants to this program must a have a high school diploma or GED.

    Program Coursework

    Courses in an x-ray technician diploma program cover both clinical and administrative skills. The curriculum often includes several opportunities for hands-on training. Common course topics include:

    • X-ray positioning techniques
    • Patient care procedures
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Radiation protection
    • Image production
    • Radiographic procedures